Razer Barracuda X Driver

Razer Barracuda X Driver. The new Razer Barracuda X it’s a budget gaming headset which is wireless with 2.4 GigaHertz dongle, hybrid audio technology it’s already interesting buy for around US$99.99 (2021). It states a few features, it’s equipped with a type-C connectivity and then it also has a detachable microphone. Underneath you can see the Razer Triforce 40 millimeter drivers and it has on headset controls.

Although it doesn’t support Synapse software, the Razer Barracuda X gaming wireless headset still provides convenience for those of you who want to configure this headset with the Surround Sound installer. It enhances your gaming experience for the better with any Razer stereo gaming headset. Download the compatible software for the Razer Barracuda X below:

Razer Barracuda X Driver Download

Supported Driver for Windows OS:

  • Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)
Version V1.0.129
LanguagesEnglish (default)
Upload Date05 September 2021
SoftwareSurroundSoundInstaller_V1.0.129.165.exe Download (4.56 MB)
Firmware Updater Download (5 MB)
AdditionalRazer Barracuda X Manual User Guide Download (PDF)

Can i Configured Razer Barracuda X Software on Mac?

There is no supported software for macOS X. So if you want to use the Razer Barracuda X Headset on Macintosh PC, just plug in the USB C receiver, press the headset power button and wait until the indicator light becomes static blue (connected).

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